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Organize your kitchen - You win some, you lose some...

Organize those out of control towels!

Ok, I swear I did measure for these clear bins! They do fit perfectly inside the cabinets, but they aren't great to hold a dish towel 🤦🏻‍♀️. Well, that is the trick of figuring out what works and what doesn’t work for you and your family. And small basket of rolled up dishcloths may work for me, but another home may need a bin to toss them into. We are all different and that’s ok. Each of us need to find what functions for us, not our neighbors. Our homes are not a Pinterest picture! Here is what I have so far. I do need more than 2 dish towels though.

While I was putting the baskets up, I did remember to make sure they were level! I am very proud of that. Hehehehe, it is the little details that make things look nice. I do like how this turned out, and so far this has been nice. We now have more than enough dishcloths and and I cleared out a ton of space in our drawers now by moving them. I am looking for a solution for the towels. Suggestions?

Organize with simple hooks

I love having a hook right by the sink. I never thought we could have anything hanging because of all the windows. Now we have one towel beside the sink and one below sink. I think if we have 2 more that should be all we need. 2 for use and 2 to be in the wash. Hmmmm, maybe a total of 6 towels? What do you think?

Donate the extras!

I am still getting rid of a lot of towels and dishcloths. This last photo shows you the amount I am going to donate. In order to organize your kitchen, it's important to "right size." Make sure you have the right number of towels, washcloths, and oven mits for your real world needs. I am also realizing how much extra money I have been spending on "stuff." Part of learning to organize, for me, is learning how to stop being wasteful. I am so bad at buying impulsively. That stack of towels on top of the picture are from Amazon! They are horrible!!! Total impulse buy and they were so expensive. 2024 = learning to be better. Not perfect - but better!

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