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Welcome to Square 1 Organizing!

Thank you for stopping by to see us. We can't wait to get you know you. One of our favorite things in the world is meeting people and making new friends. 

Here at Square 1 Organizing, our goal is help relieve stress and that overwhelming feeling you have when you walk into a chaotic space.


Don't let a disorganized area get you down or keep you from living your best life. We offer nonjudgmental, personalized assistance throughout this process. No need to tidy up for us! We want to see it all.


Square 1 Organizing family
Square 1 organizing family 2


Why Organizing?

I can not tell you how many times my children came home with the wrong homework in their backpacks. Or I made a mistake and didn't sign their agenda, lost the field trip forms, school picture forms, or forgot about school events. The worst was when I mixed up my girls birthdates! Yep, I was that mom. I had to get my act together - with 4 kids, a traveling husband, and an aging parent who came to stay with us on and off over the years, I really needed to get a plan in place. I did, learning how to organize for 'real life' along the way. I am still learning every day. The best feeling is when your space is organized and everything has a home.  It's just one less thing to worry about. As my children are moving off to college and out on their own, it amazes me that they are taking not only thier stuff, but also the skills I shared. I am so proud of them!

My husband and I are starting on our empty nest journey, and I am finding myself needing to reorganize my home again. That's when I realized that this is a journey, not a sprint or a final destination. Our needs change as our lives change. It's crazy to me how many times I've organized our hall closet. When we moved into our home, I kept so many crafts there that it was bursting at the seems. In fact, I never thought I'd clear it out. Then, one day, as our youngest child reached grade school, it transformed into a school closet with extra supplies, and minimal crafts. Now it's nearly empty, though I still have some basic supplies in there just in case. Advances in technology mean that students today may not even use paper at all! Even though I cried a little as I was clearing out the closet and saying goodbye to that stage of their lives, I was genuinely excited to make room for our next adventure.

I can't wait to share these skills and help you organize your space and improve the overall quality of your life too.

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