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Man in a wheelchair attempting to grab items from his kitchen cabinets. Sometimes we need to rearrange our home to fit our current needs.

Accidents Happen

We hear all the time that accidents happen. But what happens when you go home? How can we prepare our homes for the unknown? Square 1 will come in and help make your home function and make your life easier while you are healing. We will work together to make sure items are easily accessible, walk ways are safe, areas are well lite, and any other areas of concern are answered. Our main goal is to ease your stress.

True Stories:

D. H. Westlake Oh.

I was attacked one evening resulting in several injuries including shoulder surgery. I was in excruciating pain when I was sent home. One day I went to make dinner and couldn't reach my crockpot because of my arm. I went outside in my pajamas to see if a neighbor could help me. I couldn't find anyone to help, I just stood there and cried.


L.G. Avon Oh.

The day after this family moved the wife's father had a heart attack. They have a young family, moved, and wanted to get their home ready for her father to recover in. I was called in to help unpack, find homes for certain items, and to help the home be safe for her family. We were able to achieve this in two days. 

"This is the best money I have ever spent on myself."

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