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Kitchen Organizing Continues: Why Do We Love Reusable Water Bottles?

Updated: Jan 28

January is already halfway over! I can’t believe it, already. The days are getting colder but my organizing tips are getting hotter! I have purged 8 candles, over a dozen towels, found a way to organize those towels, and... I didn’t even tell you - since my last post - I put dish washing tabs in one of those too small for towels bins! Just those simple steps and my kitchen already feels so much better.

One of my favorite YouTubers is James Walsh from the UK. He just did this entire video on how Americans are obsessed with reusable water bottles - I completely resemble that! He said that on the other side of the pond they just go thirsty! I remember when I was younger my Nana thinking it was scandalous that women were drinking out of water bottles. Bottles were for beer, not water. What will these girls do next? In the 80’s that the plastic water bottle became popular because of the damn super models with their Evian water bottles showing off their perfectly glowing skin and sky high hair! Those advertisers were good! I was begging my mom for that Evian.

According to Yahoo finance, the usage of reusable water bottles has gone up 60% in the last decade! I am sure a good portion of that is for our children, and they break them quickly. I drop mine more often than I want to admit too. I’m curious, what kind of reusable cups do you like?

I have already gone through our water bottles a few times. I don’t know how we keep losing lids. Many lids are replaceable, those cups stay. The free bottles go, the leaky bottles go, the bottles that have been dropped so many times that the lids won’t go on on any more - those must go. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye, but I promise you, it will save you so much time. No more guessing, “is this the one that leaks?” We’ve all done it! I give you permission, just throw the leaky ones away.

Now that you have picked the ones that are keepers, let’s keep a limited number of them. We have 3 per person in our family. To keep me honest I store them on any of the stackable organizers from Amazon. I’m sure you can get them from anywhere. These are fast and simple tricks to get our kitchens organized. We don’t need to do it all at once. We just need to start at Square 1! Once you do, you will be on your way to an organized kitchen, and all your water bottles will be safely tucked into their homes.

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