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Put A Hand UP If You Ever....

Frustrated in messy closet

Hello World! Sorry for missing last week.

I ran into an old friend a few days ago. She had some items in her closet that she wanted to donate to a nonprofit, Queen Moves. She asked me to help gather the stuff to bring up to the charity and of course I said yes! Seven hours filled with laughter and great stories, including one that involved partying with a band in the 1980's, and we were done. If I simply rushed through that process, I would have missed out on those great stories. We were still working while she was talking. I even had to force us to take breaks, as I could see how tired my friend was getting. When you start to see the progress you get so excited that you don’t want to stop. I recommend that you limit your time to between 3 to 8 hours. It is a lot of physical and mental work. I have an internal clock, and for about the last hour and a half I look to see how I am progressing. Is it good enough? If not, how much more time will I need tomorrow? That helps me to make a plan for the next day and start cleaning up, putting things back, and so on.

With social media promoting self love and body positivity, I just assumed that women have started to make themselves an equal priority in their homes, but this is not the case. In most of the homes I've been in, the children and husband have their areas. I help to zone, organize, to clean up the space and make it functional. What I wasn't expecting was to find that women tend to put their needs last, and how much they needed a friendly ear, voice, and someone to say it’s ok to take a break. I offer patience, understanding, and the time needed to process what it means to truly let go of certain things. My commitment to each of my customers is that I will not rush you into a decision that you'll regret tomorrow or next week. If you can't bring yourself to donate a beloved family member's leisure suit, we may have a heart to heart about it, but ultimately it's your decision. Given my background and personal experience, I understand the need to process things, especially your emotions. I do what is best for you, while respecting your boundaries and needs.

I often get the side eye when I say you can’t shock me when I come into your home. I promise, you don't need to clean up for me and will not judge you. As an organizer I need to see where the problems are. I posted a fun little Raise your hand page with some funny events that either I, my husband, or a friend of ours have done over the years. This doesn’t even scratch the surface! Take this quiz and report out how many that you've "achieved." I'd love to hear your stories!

Please let your friends know what I am doing. Gift certificates are a great Mother's Day gift! I didn't know how much an organizer would have changed our lives for the better. I am always learning, I love watching how others think through the process and seeing different ways of doing things. There is no right way or wrong way, only the way that works best for you!

Remember you are doing an amazing job! Give your loved ones a big hug and kiss.

When you don't know where to start on a project, start at Square 1 :)

Lots of Love,


Geeking out over a closet!

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