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Don't fall into old habits!

Updated: Jan 2

Every year we start out with such high expectations and resolutions for ourselves. A few of mine have been: 'I'm going to go to the gym 4 times a week,' and 'I'm going to run a race every month this year.' One year my resolution was to yell less at my kids and appreciate the moments more. Each year, all through January, February, and some of March the goals are met. In April the goals are carefully considered and by May many resolutions have been forgotten.

Even with those expectations, I have never put home organization on the list. I just figured that I was either lazy or a bad homemaker. Perhaps it was too expensive, or too hard to keep our home tidy. All of that was wrong.

First off, please, ladies and gentlemen, give yourselves some grace. Life is challenging and busy. Let's stop being so judgmental! Secondly, I'm sorry to say this, and I know how mean this sounds, we have too much "stuff!" That is the bottom line. I can't keep my kitchen tidy because I have too many gadgets laying around. They are all over the place. So that brings us to this years New Years Resolution: each month I am going to pick a room to purge 21 things. January is the kitchen!! I am taking out all the candles today. I'll keep a list as the month goes on and post what else I take out.

Please join me and let me know what you're taking out.

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Mindy Curnutt
Mindy Curnutt
Jan 04

Challenge accepted! I've got a big box of wall frames that needs to go!

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