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All around the kitchen I go....

As I am sitting here looking around my kitchen I see 5 dirty dish towels laying about. I also see three soaking wet cloths all squished up and tossed behind the facute like discarded smelly yuck. That is it!! We have at least 20 dish towels. Every morning I bring them into the kitchen freshly washed and dried, just to end up in a sopping heaping mess each night. I'm done with all of it. The cycle ends this year, it ends now!

I came up with a plan to help with this ongoing soggy pile of a mess. Sadly, I accidentally had it shipped to my daughters address in California. Next time I post, I will have this project completed and I will post a picture. The plan is to have a few hooks inside the cabinet and a little basket to fit the wash clothes. Whatever does not fit, does not stay. Simple? yes - It has to be simple for me to follow through with it. I spent a total of $25, and I bought the better looking hooks. Check back for progress!

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